Sacked for going AWOL = Unfair Dismissal

Yet another case where the employer would have been in the right if it had just taken its time. The Scotsman reports the case of David Hunter v Laidlaw Butchers. The employee booked a cruise before getting permission to go on holiday. Permission wasn't granted. He went on holiday anyway and was sacked on his return. The employee won automatically because the employer failed to follow the basic statutory disciplinary procedure. In such a case the Tribunal must increase the award by at least 10%. The report doesn't deal with this but does tell us that the employee's compensation was reduced by 75% because he contributed to the dismissal by going on holiday without permission. He can count himself lucky that the award wasn't reduced by 100%. He got £2000 in the end - if his employers had invited him to a meeting before sacking him he would have got nothing.

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